Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 - The Year of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Ay up ducks!!'s been a little while...but we are OFF!! Rehearsals have well and truly started. The ensemble songs sound epic!! Truly.

Arthur (Tom) has started with Sarah (the director) working with the three ladies Brenda (Kate), Winnie (Nic) and Doreen (Amanda). So far it has included a lot of 'ducks' and snogging. But it is great to start working on it.

It is a really well written piece, both musically and script..ually?? You know what I mean! It feels great.

Tom and Kate were discussing the difficulty in making the dialogue sound and be is such honest dialogue that it can easily sound forced. This, is something that comes with time and rehearsals and experimentation! The accents are coming on - but surprisingly tough even though we are from Nottingham!

The rehearsal venue is so nice too, big kitchen, nice and warm - pub opposite!! Of course!!

We really need the support of Nottingham's people to get this show moving and get it sold - it really is a showcase and if anyone knows of any sponsorship opportunities then please contact us!!

Tomorrow it's Arthur and Winnie's scene rehearsals which basically involves raunchiness of differing kinds.

Tickets are available now

Ta ducks!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

General Update!

Ay up ducks!

Well, last time we were off to Goose Fair to do some filming to be used in the actual production and as a great publicity video - here's a pic of Arthur and Doreen on the waltzers (Tom and Amanda are genuinely clinging on for dear life-haha!)

We also had a great article published in the Nottingham Evening Post, links: and full article - just the beginning of the story!

We had an amazing cast party, which I am sure some videos and pics will be following and it was really great to get everyone together and we saw a copy of the Lib and Book - all finished (Version 1-as finished as a new show can be!) - very proud moment for Steve and Cathy and equally for Musicworks' John and Hazel - the first creative step/leap into the production of the show!

As far as researching Arthur, Tom has been working every week with Steve on Arthur's songs which there are many of, what proves to be testing is really getting the dialect right in conjunction with truthful storytelling. Tom is happy to admit he can be lazy with diction and it was a real testiment to the importance of diction when using such colloquial language - the audience has to be able to understand the story which does use very local words - alike in any show I guess. Start as we mean to go on so its perfect on the night!

If you want to sponsor the show, please do get in touch, we have plenty of sponsorship packages! Also follow us on Twitter @SNASMthemusical and Facebook - search for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: A New Musical.

Hopefully get some fun videos up next time!! Any suggestions?? What do you want to see?

Ta ducks

Arthur xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Goose Fair filming!

Hello all!

Well, got an exciting day of filming ahead tomorrow, if all goes well - there is a plan to create a promotional video (1960's style) with Arthur and his women at Nottingham's Goose Fair - waltzers and everything!!

Rehearsals with Steve (composer) have started with Tom (Arthur) and the parody quartet (Mark, Kate, Morten and Alice) - and will continue to do so until the first rehearsals with Sarah (Director).

Please follow SNASM on Twitter @SNASMthemusical and up our followers!!

Post soon,

Ta ducks

Arthur x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Meet Arthur Seaton Video

Ay up ducks!

Well, rehearsals have officially started for some of the cast - starting to go through the music with Steve and its great.

Very excited that Twitter followers are increasing and poster image is being decided on - so the SNASM images should start getting out there.

Here is a link to 'Meet the Cast' video - this one is with me, Arthur Seaton.


If you can help spread the word about the show, please leave a comment - this is a great showcase for Nottingham and its people!

Ta ducks


Friday, 16 September 2011

Fancy a taster of the music?

Workshops were run back in May 2011 with a small orchestra and local performers (casting hadn't been completed so everyone sang everything-which is lovely to hear) were invited to sing through the music to really create an essence of how the musical adaptation was going. The lovely Kate (Brenda) recorded some videos - here they are:

The Women of Arthur Seaton


Musical Excerpts

Also, Graeme from Crawford McMillan Photography took some excellent photos of the cast, follow the link below to get a look a a couple of them:

Ta ducks,


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Creative Team and Cast of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: The Musical

One way to begin exploring the show is to introduce the creative team who are the inspiration and driving force behind the project and the cast who help bring the vision to life. You will get a chance to meet everybody on the list throughout the process as it will be great to really see how a show creates itself....plenty of interviews and vlogs to follow!! For now, here they are:
Book and Lyrics - Catherine Spoors
Music and Additional Lyrics - Stephen Williams
Director - Sarah Warnsby
Musical Director - Stephen Williams
Choreographer - Denise Palin
Design - Nottingham Trent University Theatre Design School
Lighting & Sound Design - Limelight
Stage Manager - Duncan Forrest
Wardrobe Manager - Rita Prince
Accent Coach - Andrew Davys
Arthur Seaton - Tom Keeling
Brenda - Kate Williams
Winnie - Nicola Bilton
Doreen Gretton - Amanda Bruce
Jack - Simon Theobald
Harold Seaton - Stephen Godward
Quartet - Mark Pollard, Alice Bentham, Morven Harrison, Kate Taylor
Bill - Tom Beynon
Fred Seaton - Andrew Regester
Vera Seaton - Adele Lee
Mrs Gretton - Julie Fowler
Ma Bull - Sharon Mitchell
Mr Bull - Nick Smith
Policeman - Paul McPherson
Loudmouth - Lyndon Warnsby
Neighbours, Bar Staff, Factory Workers, Notts County Supporters - Amanda Dixon, Vanessa Christian, Steph Robson, and Andrew Dennis (also played by other characters)

Ta ducks.


Meet The Cast Video 1

Meet the cast! Here is a recent video of the three leading ladies at our official photoshoot a few weeks ago - will give you a little taster to get started......enjoy!

Ta ducks